Attack detection & analysis, protection system


IPS is a network security system that detects, analyzes and blocks variety of evasion such as exploit,
attack or malware to a target network or system.

  • Wins Sniper IPS Series

  • IBM GX Series


  • National CC certified device rental
  • 24/7 real time monitoring and blocking
  • Analyze and provide reports on evasion events
  • Control network packets trespassing into network
  • Self-learning, behavior-based detection
  • Blocks when similar type of traffic flows in
  • offers flexibility without changing network or packets


IPS/IDS service is for KINX IDC customers only.
Please consult any details with sales representatives. Fees may be charged on additional request
(Contact 02-526-0900 /

IPS Service

KINX DDoS/Security Service, IPS Service Diagram.

24/7 Monitoring Service

Do you have the world class machines and solutions for your service but no professional engineer?
KINX will provide you 24/7 monitoring service with professional engineers who can handle with any emergency
situations on your network.

Items Content
Integrated Monitoring 24/7 Network Performance Monitoring
24/7 System Performance Monitoring
24/7 Security events monitoring
24/7 Service outage monitoring and responding
Proactive and real time response Network presensing and handling
Respond to evasion with two-level team
Consistent support from declaration to completion
CERT Team Analyze trend about new internet vulnerability information in the world
Real time change amount analysis(level of risk)
Registration of signature about the information of vulnerability on service port
Reporting Service Monthly report
Report on service outage and processing report
Help Desk Security technique support
Receives customers service improvement requests

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