DDoS protection with KINX

GRE Service

  • In case of DDoS attack, KINX detours the abnormal traffic to K-Clean Zone through GRE tunnel. Once filtered by K-Clean Zone, the clean traffic goes to the customer’s original PoP.


  • Network detouring via GRE Tunnel
  • Blocks direct attack protection at Origin site IP
  • recommends to set up GRE tunnel setting in advance (GRE Tunneling supporting device needed)
  • Notifies customer when network detour due to DDoS attack

GRE Service Diagram

  1. Set up GRE Tunnel using static IP
  2. In case of DDoS attack detected, K-Clean Zone notifies customes
  3. K-Clean zonefilters in two-level system when DDoS traffic flows into K-Clean Zone
  4. The cleaned traffic is being sent to Client Zone via GRE tunnel
KINX DDoS/Security Service, K-CLEAN GRE Diagram.

K-CLEAN service features

Section SOS Anti-DDoS GRE Circuit
ICMP, UDP Filtering
UDP Flooding
ICMP Flooding
SYN Flooding
TCP Flooding
HTTP Flooding
Fragment Flooding
L7 Pattern
Spoofed IP
URL Behavior Anomaly
Caching Behavior Anomaly
DNS Query Flooding
DNS Amplification
SYN Flooding
Abnormal IP
SSL Performance (SSL Offload)
HTTP Acceleration / Optimization
Load Balancing
Health Monitoring
GRE Tunneling
Entire Subnet defense without change of IP

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