Network connectivity through KINX

KINX (Korea Internet Neutral eXchange), network infrastructure specialist,
operates 4 Data Centers in Korea as well as PoPs in the Hong Kong and Japan.
One of our strengths is that over 1T backbone network enables customers
to experience needed network connections.

The only neutral IX provider in Korea, KINX,
has more than 45 peering members, who are major ISPs/CPs.
Moreover, KINX provides full transit connected to domestic/global ISPs
so that customers can experience low latency to connect to local/global eyeballs.

CloudHub offers the optimized way to use cloud services
and China Direct Connect offers the optimized and stable connections to China.

DCI(Data Center Interconnection) is the shortest
and most effective way to connect among KINX Data Centers.

Start deploying your network connections with KINX.

Expand your global reach with KINX Network

KINX IX and transit service covers every corner of the world.
Many global Contents Providers (CPs) including Microsoft, and Twitch chose KINX
for reaching global connections since KINX is the only L2 based neutral IX provider in Korea.
Besides of great references, KINX provides transit from domestic ISPs and MSOs
that enables customers to have various options for domestic connections.

KINX IX(Peering) and Transit is neutral and efficient.
Cost-effective and optimized routing is offered by KINX.

Strengths of using IX provided by KINX

  • Network Quality Improvement
    Shortened waiting times
    due to direct interconnections with ISPs
  • Transit Cost Reduction
    Interconnection with peering members
    at our center with single line configuration
  • Autonomous Interconnection Policies
    Members can freely choose their peers
    based on our neutral IX policies

Expand your business with KINX’s Cloud Hub!

Cloub Hub is All-In-One Ecosystem for cloud.
'Cloud Hub' enables access to Multi-Cloud and even various services and soltuions, over a single connection.

Cloud eXchange(CX) for Multi-Cloud over a single line
Cross-Connect to major ISPs, SOs, CPs in Korea without restriction
IDC environment for Hybrid cloud
Various services, solutions can use with Storage, CDN, etc

Cloud Hub provides most reliable and cost efficient services!

KINX offers optimized direct circuit connectivity designed for faster Internet networks.

  • The Shortest Network
    Connection between centers
    High speed and reliability with dedicated
    line configuration between centers
  • All-In-One services
    from A to Z
    From consulting to line configuration
    Providing all ports from 50M to 10G
  • The best way
    for global market expansion
    Business expansion with international transit
    Optimized services to meet our customers’ needs

Choose KINX IDC centers for your global business!

We support configuring a stable and reliable network for your business.
KINX IDC provides up to 1TB backbone network and 24/7 technical supports.

KINX IDC centers for your global business. KINX IDC provides 895G backbone network and 24/7 technical supports.

We provide co-location and server hosting services at KINX IDC centers

  • Premium network services
    based on IX network
    The only L2 based neutral IX provider, direct
    interconnection with major ISPs
  • Optimized IDC centers
    to avoid unexpected issues
    Seismic design, lock per rack, 24/7
    surveillance & security system, power substation etc.
  • 24/7 technical supports
    by professional engineers
    Professional engineers manage and monitor
    servers and networks for 24/7
  • Various
    value-added services
    All-in-One management, DB back-up,
    DB-clustering, DDoS prevention, security,
    SW lease etc.