The best way to connect to MS Azure

What is MS ExpressRoute?

MS ExpressRoute connects your service resource(On-premise, IDC Colocation) and Azure data center through private circuit. By utilizing private network, it is faster, safer and has higher quality compared to public network. Also it enables you to connect with varieties of services such as Office 365, Skype and CRM.

When to use MS ExpressRoute

  • When sending large amount of data between your service resource and Azure

    · For companies that periodically migrate or backup data
    · For companies that create and utilize big data

  • When there is a need for safer and faster data transfer between your service resource and Azure

    · For companies that use both private cloud and Azure as hybrid cloud
    · For companies that frequently send data between Azure (development/test) and On-Premise

  • When there is a need to save cost

    · For companies that have high traffic cost in using Azure
    · For companies that send large amount of data between your service resource and Azure

MS ExpressRoute Features

Connect to different services of Microsoft

You can connect to different services of Microsoft through private circuit such as Skype, Office 365, CRM online and etc.

SLA 99.95%

ExpressRoute guarantees 99.95% of SLA by using physical redundant circuit from your resource to ExpressRoute router.

Easy access between global regions

You have access to all Azure regions in the world through ExpressRoute. You have access to Europe region of Azure from Korea.
*Need to use Premium Add-on service

Provide Unlimited Data Plan

For clients that send large amount of outbound traffic, we provide Unlimited Data Plan. You can send as many data as you want by paying monthly fixed amount.

Why choose KINX MS ExpressRoute

KINX provides the best network environment to connect to Azure.

  • Shortest path to MS Azure.

    KINX IDC is Azure location (Korea Central), and ExpressRoute router is located in KINX IDC

  • Pick any of the 4 IDCs

    Dogok IDC, Gasan IDC, Bundang IDC, Sangam IDC

  • A to Z All-In-One Service

    We provide everything from initial consulting to network configuration, Client ↔ IDC private circuit and etc.

  • Varieties of ports from 50M to 10G

    Choose between 50M, 100M, 200M, 500M, 1G, 2G, 5G, 10G

  • Leading global network management capability

    Korea’s only IX
    KINX provides network service to major global ISPs, carriers, CPs and CDN providers

MS Express Route Composition

Co-location (KINX IDC) + MS ExpressRoute

MS ExpressRoute is composed of Cloud eXchange S/W within KINX
Co-locate and use MS ExpressRoute at KINX IDC

Dedicated line + MS ExpressRoute

MS ExpressRoute is composed of Cloud eXchange S/W within KINX
Use ExpressRoute by connecting through dedicated line between client’s service resource(On-premise, IDC Co-location) and KINX IDC

How to use ExpressRoute

How to use Express Route.

1. Create Azure account and physically connect to KINX Cloud eXchange


2. Choose Express Route options
  - Peering location (KINX, Seoul)
  - Bandwidth (50M, 100M, etc)
  - Payment method (metered or unmetered)
  - Standard or Premium add-on


3. Connect to KINX Cloud eXchange
  - Provide information such as Service Key (S-Key) and VPN ID to KINX
  - Provide information when setting up routing


4. Connect logically to Azure through ExpressRoute
  - Connect Virtual Networks and Azure private peering
  - Connect to Azure public peering by using public IP
  - Connect to MS cloud service (CRM online, Office 365) by using Microsoft Peering


If you want to use varieties of cloud?

Meet Cloud Hub’s Cloud eXchange(CX) where you can use multi cloud with only a single circuit.
With just one private circuit, you can set up private connection to MS Azure, Amazon Web Service and etc. Cloud Hub enables you to use different services faster, safer and lower your cost.

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