We provide a wide range of circuit option

Metro Connect

Direct connectivity guarantees 1) better security , 2) dedicated bandwidth services and 3) prevention of packet loss

KINX Network Service Metro Connect Conception

Strengths of
KINX Metro Connect

Various circuit options

Various telecommunicators provide dedicated lines which provide more options to optimize your network infrastructure.

Efficiency of network usage

Easy and efficient way to use networks at anytime.

Use of dedicated lines for 24/7

Dedicated lines provide reliability and fast speed. Private information is much better protected.

Reasonable payment

Payment is not determined by connection duration and it helps to reduce transit costs

KINX Metro

KINX Network Service Metro Connect Structure

* We provide transits from telecommunicators to meet your specific needs.

KINX Metro

Contract condition Information
Speed of Metro Connect

basic contract traffic amount per 1M

☞ 1M / 5M / 10M / 20M / 30M / 50M / 100M / above 100M

Contract duration

longer contract duration, more discount rates

☞ without stipulation / 1 year/ 2 years / Max 3 years

* Contact KINX Sales group about more detail including price and contract conditions

KINX Metro
Connect Cases

“The E-Land uses KINX Metro Connect operated at Gasan KINX IDC center and the company saved costs of traffic and ensured their private company information is protected”

“KINX Metro Connect is useful especially when servers are scattered; security is utmost priority and reliable; and fast traffic exchange is important.”

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