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of KINX Co-location

Optimal network environment using IX network

KINX is Korea’s unique L2-based IX (Internet eXchange) carrier. KINX IDCs provides services through broadband directly connected to major ISPs at home and abroad.

IDC services optimized to server

KINX IDC provides the optimal environment where servers can be managed in a safe and efficient manner. This is the cutting-edge IDC in seismic design equipped with locking device by lack, strict security management, UPS, etc..

Support of various additional services

KINX offers various services necessary to run servers such as integrated operation & management, DB back-up, DDoS blocking, security, etc. Clients can select the server that is fit for
the purpose of use.

Professional engineers’ 24/7 technical support

Professional engineers stay around the clock in IDCs, monitoring servers and networks to provide integrated management services.

Backbone network directly connected to the eyeballs in Korea

Over 20% of domestic internet traffic is passing through KINX every day. About 30% of local internet subscribers are using the Internet via KINX.

Limitless daily traffic (100M of basic bandwidth Shared, 10Mbps guaranteed)

KINX ensures sufficient and fast circuits and also provides additional circuits at low cost if needed.

Co-location Structure

KINX Network Service Co-location Structure

What is co-location?

KINX IDC provides space to install a customer-owned server/network and offers optimal environment and management to operate it.
If you use the colocation service, it would be easy and fast to receive services of broadband network, private space, server management and operation support provided by IDC. Moreover it ensures the efficient and stable operation through diverse additional services such as back-up, security, monitoring, etc.

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