Experience the fastest speed of your website

Who needs it?

  • Enterprises suffering from low network performance due to simultaneous log-ins

  • Companies suffering from low performance of their website

  • Company who wants to manage expenses efficiently in case of its traffic decreases

  • Company with insufficient manpower to manage its network effectively

Web/Mobile Transmission is

By using KINX CDN service, we offer a solution to avoid performance degradation due to overloads of servers and network devices. KINX caches store popular content on edge servers that have the greatest demand for the content requested.
With this caching technique, clients can manage their service without any trouble upon simultaneous log-ins.

KINX CDN Service, Web/Mobile Transmission Conception.


Enhanced Latency

Websites pop up faster since the contents are delivered directly from the server which is located at the closest to their users.

Prepared against simultaneous log-ins

No matter how many users requests at once, customers can deliver their contents stably with the number of spread edge servers.

No need for additional web servers

In case of rapidly increased traffic, you can utilize our CDN servers instead of purchasing servers.

Contents security, certification, and anti-virus

Through KINX CDN service, customers can provide their contents more securely and reliably.

Accelerating all of the contents on website

Not only the static contents, but also the dynamic data such as streaming can be delivered faster.

Real-time monitoring and remote support

KINX offers most reliable service with its own
professional engineers monitoring and
supporting 24/7.


  • You can utilize cache service by delegating DNS Zone

    By delegation of DNS Zone, you can stay away from service failure.

  • Easy management and transmission of original contents through auto-purge function

    Customers can conveniently manage their contents delivery by using auto-purge function provided by KINX CDN.

  • Accelerating dynamic contents that cannot be stored in servers

    Delivering contents faster by sending static contents(JPG, GIF, TXT) directly from edge servers and accelerating dynamic contents that are not cacheable at Middle mile.

KINX CDN Service, Web/Mobile Transmission Functions. Accelerating dynamic contents that cannot be stored in servers.
※ Middle Mile : A section where ISPs are connected between contents provider and user.
  • Encryption of CDN contents with SSL

    On KINX CDN service, SSL authenticated certification process is stored inside of server, so customers can prevent overload and provide reliable service by using the SSL process.

KINX CDN Service, Web/Mobile Transmission Functions. Encryption of CDN contents with SSL.
※ When needed, SSL Port(433) can be used.
※ Similar concept as how SSL Offloading is being provided.
  • Performance monitoring and notification

    Customer can monitor their web/mobile performance and get notification through email.

  • Usage stats and analysis report

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