High Quality Cloud Service

SLA(Service Level Agreement) is a quantitative standard to guarantee the quality of service.
IXcloud guarantees Service Level Agreement of 99.9%.

Service Availability Service Credit
Less than 99.9% but more than 99.5% 10% of monthly fees
Less than 99.5% but more than 99.0% 20% of monthly fees
Less than 99.0% 30% of monthly fees

※ Service Level Agreement and Service Credit Conditions

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    Monthly Service Availability
    Monthly Service Availability(%)=100 * [1 - {Sum of unavailable minutes due to the Company’s fault /Total available minutes during a month}]

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    Criteria for service credit
    Client’s average monthly fees of the most recent 3 months (if less than 3 months, then the number of months which the Client used will be applied)

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