Automated Deploy & Operate

Automated Deployment

Automated Deployment is an easy way to create and manage automated cloud environment - this is very similar to AWS CloudFormation.

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    “Orchestration” is automated deployment of management environment. It is a function that assigns applications and resources required for cloud services as Stack templates, and automates the configuration or tasks of related resources.

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    “Auto-scaling” is automated management. It allows you to scale in and out cloud resources and service resources automatically using Stack*.

  • Stack is a group resource such as instance, floating IP, security group, based on templates in automated deployment.


This is the basic function that requires no additional fees.


  • Setup and realization of “One Click Management (i.e. LAMP)” through Stack template configuration
    Provision more servers through management templates
  • Automation of Scale In · Out through customization
    Based on in-use cloud resources and usage volume
    Automated provisioning of services and applications

Guideline to Automated Deployment

  • Automated deployment management environment, Orchestration
    1. Select templates or resources from application.
    2. Create Stacks.
    3. Start Stack and install required resources.
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  • Automated management, Auto-scaling
    1. Configure templates and choose resources.
      Set the alarm and polish metrics to scale according to demands.
    2. Create stacks.
    3. Scale resources automatically based on the metric.

Utilize Automated Deployment

  • Automated deployment
    If you need to deploy servers at once for the efficient management and application distribution
    If you need to simplify management and set up management features automatically
KINX Cloud Service, Utilize Automated Deployment Process.
  • Automated management
    If you need to save costs and manage resources according to specific conditions such as CPU usage rate
    If you need flexible management of resources according to service environment
KINX Cloud Service, Automated management(Load-Balancing)

FAQ on using Automated Deployment