Find the optimized path for content distribution

Who needs it?

  • Company using multiple CDN providers

  • Company operating Web/Mobile/App service

  • Company who requires faster service without any delays or outages

  • Trouble with choosing CDN providers on the basis of latency, availability and cost at different locations

Multi-CDN is

KINX Multi-CDN service is intelligent load balancing tool collaborated with Openmix which finds the best paths for customers to reach their users automatically. This solution powers multiple CDN users for using CDN services more effectively. It provides the load balancing technique that operates based on how customers set up their preferences (ie. the order of priority such as latency, location, availability, cost, etc) In case of any trouble with certain path, the solution automatically detects and finds the second best plan so that customers are always guaranteed for reliable and the best performance service.

Why Openmix is a MUST

Through Openmix, you can maximize the performance of transferring your contents comparing to using only a single CDN.

KINX CDN Service, Multi-CDN Openmix Performence.


Right choice for your business goals

With your preferences of using CDN for achieving business goals, you could get cost/performance-benefit from KINX Multi-CDN service.

Mitigate service outage

If the best path becomes disabled by any reason, KINX CDN auto-detects and change the path to the second best path in real time.
That means, customers are guaranteed
for 100% availability 24/7.

Manage your CDN in one integrated management tool

You could simply manage all of the CDN providers in one Openmix user portal.That makes your work simple and easy.


  • Performance comparison of CDN providers in the world in real time

    Radar collects and analyze performance data from all of the CDN providers’ edge servers in real time.

  • Optimized global service infrastructure

    100% service availability guaranteed through 78 data centers from 5 countries in the world.

  • Real time intelligent load balancer

    Based on the data collected from Radar, Openmix selects the best path and delivers contents to end-users.

  • Stats and analysis report

    Provides the real time status of CDN services in the world, so that customers can get their business insight.

Service application process

KINX CDN Service, Multi-CDN Openmix Service, Application proces.

Openmix Inquiry

Through the collaboration with Cedexis, KINX provides Openmix and over 800 enterprises are enjoying this service in the world. If you have any inquiries about Openmix, please contact us.

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