Things to know ?

Consultation and Contract

Work with professional consultant who helps you to find the right choice that fits right on your needs.
After throughout consultations, the consultant will also provide you the lowest quotation that will also help your business financially.

Preparation for service

In order to use KINX CDN service, you will be asked to provide some information such as expected amount of traffic, service start date, billing system.
Any additional information will be helpful for you to have more effective consultation as well.

Service charge

There is no minimum charge for KINX CDN service.
You only need to pay what you have used monthly. (Pay As You Go)

Begin with KINX

After number of consultations, you will be able to trial KINX service at free of charge.

User ID and Statistics monitoring

KINX CDN User ID will be delivered once you apply services.
Customer can check analysis information such as the current status of use in the user portal (CMS)

File upload and transcoding

From KINX CDN user portal(CMS), customers can upload massive contents and also can manage the contents themselves.
In addition, the portal contains variety of functions such as transcoding, so that customers can provide their services more effectively.

Payment System

You can pay with Money wiring, credit card, and electric transfer.
Please click below for more details.

Tech Support

KINX CDN service provides professional NOC to assist customers 24/7.
You will have your own account manager who will support you one to one.

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