Addition of new cloud zones on IXcloud™


We are KINX Co., Ltd., an Internet infrastructure provider.

Two new cloud zones (availability zones) have been added at physically isolated data center for IXcloud. This will speed up the response to unforeseeable natural disasters, etc. and enhance service stability, thereby meeting the demands of corporate users to ensure continuity of their business operations and services. This will be particularly beneficial for companies wishing to make their services redundant for more stable operation or to build a DR center to prepare for emergency situations.

The multi-zone service enhances data transmission quality and ensures stable communication by using the cross-zone network in which the cloud zones are connected with dedicated lines. The inbound traffic is distributed after passing through a multi-zone load balancer to prevent overload and to create a high-availability environment. Plus, even if there is a problem in one of the zones, services will operate as normal in other zones to ensure smooth operations.

At KINX, we offer what is called a volume backup service. Any users of the multi-zone service can back up the cloud volume once a day, free-of-charge. Because local and remote backup services are provided, without the need to install an agent, it will serve useful for companies wishing to raise the stability and security of their clouds with minimum cost.

For more detailed information, please check out the IXcloud™ Multi-Zone page.

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