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According to the statistics on wireless traffic from MISP, the medium that generates most traffic, besides streaming, are web portal and SNS. Portal sites that focus on specific themes or “community-portals” are constantly seeking to improve its content, realizing that the increase of users will lead to the growth of the sites.

Thus, it is crucial for the portal sites to manage large volume of content and inbound traffic. Occasionally, certain content attract the users’ attention. With more traffic, it is likely that outbound traffic and loading time will increase. The portal sites will need to have infrastructure that could deal with these issues and retain the users.

Moreover, global network solutions are required to deliver content to every corner of the world.
KINX provides cost-effective and global network infrastructure and solutions that could let you retain user and deliver content to the world.

Needs of Portal Sites

  • Fast and reliable web and mobile content distribution
  • Seamless streaming solution for live Internet broadcast to end users
  • Cost-effective network solution
  • Connectivity with domestic and global carriers
  • Flexible and scalable infrastructure that could absorb traffic surge during events
  • Global network sourcing and planning capacity
  • Professional and customized consultation

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Service Details

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If you are

Content provider with enormous data

CDN Web/Mobile Transmission

Save content to edge servers to solve network speed degradation due to the sudden hike of users or excessive load on network.

CDN Global CDN

KINX, with its edge servers and global network, delivers content to every corner of the world.

Network Transit

Interconnected with global carriers, KINX provides the best routing path. You may source transit from carriers of your choice.

Network Co-locatoin

KINX colocation provides high-speed network, server hosting and management services.

Network China Direct Connect

'CN2‘ lets you deliver content to Chinese cities without having to pay and host servers in China.

Cloud Load balancer

Raise network efficiency and prevent bottleneck by automatically distributing incoming traffic to instances.

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