The evolution of Internet network and the new mediums of media have enabled us to enjoy movie, music and books wherever we are. Just a few years back, downloading and saving in PC was the only way to watch video clips. Nowadays, we can access VOD, Internet channels as well as live events in mobile devices. Traditional media and broadcasting companies have also active in transmitting their contents through mobile devices.

Viewers Pattern of Terrestrial Broadfcasting


For example, when you look at the annual growth of the size of OTT/Streaming-based movie-watching market, it is clear that the rate of growth of OTT/Streaming market is far steeper than that of those watching movies in theaters. PwC, a leading global market analysis company, predicts that such trend will continue for the foreseeable future.

The Trend of Box Office and OTT/Streaming

Source : PwC(2012),Global entertainment media outlook 2014-2018

Broadcasting Rating by Hours

2015 Viewers Behavior

When you examine the hourly ratings, people watch contents during “prime time,” which also means that it is essential to provide seamless streaming service – thus, internet infrastructure - to the viewers during that hour.

KINX can deliver infrastructure service that can meet the fast-changing media / broadcasting environment

Needs of
Media · Broadcasting

  • Fast and reliable content delivery in web and mobile environment
  • Flexible and scalable infrastructure that could deal with a sudden surge of viewership during sports events or breaking news
  • VOD and Live Streaming
  • Easy management of past video clips and articles
  • API for managing video clips and service
  • Value-added service availability : player, transcoding, DRM
  • Network capacity both domestically and internationally
  • Professional and customized consultation

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Media dealing with traffic during Golden Hour

CDN Web/Mobile Transmission

Save content to edge servers to solve network speed degradation due to the sudden hike of users or excessive load on network.

CDN Video Streaming

KINX provides the best video streaming environment. It supports RTMP / RTSP / MMS / HLS streaming based on WMS and FMS.

CDN Global CDN

KINX, with its edge servers and global network, delivers content to every corner of the world.

CDN Cloud Storage

Use cloud storage and CDN according to demand, and raise efficiency by saving data in storage.

Network Transit

Interconnected with global carriers, KINX provides the best routing path. You may source transit from carriers of your choice.

Cloud Loadbalancer

Raise network efficiency and prevent bottleneck by automatically distributing incoming traffic to instances.

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