According to recent statistics, transaction in online shopping (12.3 trillion won) has surpassed that of offline shopping (12.2 trillion won). More than 40% of online shopping transactions are made on mobile devices. It demonstrates the importance of mobile devices in the shopping culture and the needs for different distribution and marketing strategy in the new era.

Distribution Channel Revenue

Source, Korea Statistics

Rising Market Share of Mobile Shopping

Source, Korea Statistics

For e-commerce, showing relevant pages and pulling up accurate search results are essential in retaining customers. With the analysis of big data and personal preference, it must be able to recommend related products. The site loading speed and low packet loss are what affect not only the retention rate but also the credibility of e-commerce sites. KINX offers the solution and know-how to help you achieve those goals.

Needs of E-Commerce

  • Minimum site loading time
  • Stable traffic management for web and mobile shopping
  • Flexible and scalable infrastructure that could absorb traffic surge during events or sales Global network
  • Flexibility and scalability of storage
  • Real-time purge for changing images
  • Stable network that could carry out online transaction without packet loss or response delay
  • Professional and customized consultation

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Service Details

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Shopping Mall with diverse content

CDN Web/Mobile Transmission

Save content to edge servers to solve network speed degradation due to the sudden hike of users or excessive load on network.

CDN Video Streaming

KINX provides the best video streaming environment. It supports RTMP / RTSP / MMS / HLS streaming based on WMS and FMS.

CDN Global CDN

KINX, with its edge servers and global network, delivers content to every corner of the world.

CDN Cloud Storage

Use cloud storage and CDN according to demand, and raise efficiency by saving data in storage.

Network Transit

Interconnected with global carriers, KINX provides the best routing path. You may source transit from carriers of your choice.

Cloud Load balancer

Raise network efficiency and prevent bottleneck by automatically distributing incoming traffic to instances.

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