It is impossible not to mention “communications” nowadays due to the rapid development of ICT (Information and Communications Technologies) that has changed the paradigm and the way of living to so many people. Internet is not only the means to exchange information – it is becoming a platform-oriented service. A great network that connects various services to devices, things (IoT), and, most importantly, to human being is in the process of formation. With the rise of cloud computing, big data, IoT, new IT technology will bring a range of services no one has ever seen before. For us to enjoy these new technologies regardless of locations, the deployment and management of network infrastructure is a must.

KINX has been providing fast, reliable, and cost-effective network services by working hand-in-hand with global carriers, content providers, MSO, and government agencies.

Needs of ICT

  • Network sourcing and planning
  • Network management know-how
  • Network stability and reliability
  • Professional and customized consultation

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Service Details

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Network Local Peering

562G network with ISP, SO, CP Free peering with 42 IX members.

Network Remote Peering

By connecting HK PoP and LA PoP with dedicated lines, KINX provides high-quality connectivity to overseas.

Network Transit

Interconnected with global carriers, KINX provides the best routing path. You may source transit from carriers of your choice.

Network Co-locatoin

KINX colocation provides high-speed network, server hosting and management services.

Network AWS Direct Connect

AWS Direct Connect allows AWS customers to establish private network between your network and AWS, improving quality, security while saving costs.

Network China Direct Connect

'CN2‘ lets you deliver content to Chinese cities without having to pay and host servers in China.

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