Managing and maintaining top-class Internet infrastructure is a must, as all the process are run on the web regardless of services provided by each enterprise. It is crucial that every aspect of the company must be integrated and managed professionally, as it is also a measure of the credibility and reliability of the company.

With the development of ICT, our work environment is evolving into “Smart Work” and “Enterprise Mobility” In these respects, it is predicted that the introduction and management of enterprise infrastructure system is critical in a long term view.

Needs of Enterprise

  • Proven and credible infrastructure
  • Storage for archiving and data and easy management tool
  • Application of security system
  • Seamless integration with legacy system
  • Reliable network to run application and software such as ERP and CRM
  • Global network infrastructure for employees, customers, partners, and overseas branch offices to connect regardless of locations
  • Professional and customized consultation

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Looking for reliable network and a range of infrastructure

Network Co-locatoin

KINX colocation provides high-speed network, server hosting and management services.

Network China Direct Connect

'CN2‘ lets you deliver content to Chinese cities without having to pay and host servers in China.

CDN Global CDN

KINX, with its edge servers and global network, delivers content to every corner of the world.

Network AWS Direct Connect

AWS Direct Connect allows AWS customers to establish private network between your network and AWS, improving quality, security while saving costs.

Cloud Instance

Create virtual server and instance in a couple of minutes with KINX Ixcloud.

Cloud Volume

Permanent storage that could be used with instance. Decide the type, volume, and IOPS and customize to meet your needs.

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